thanksgiving for one

Because his birthday always fell on the week of Thanksgiving, it has been my Dad’s holiday for as long as I can remember. We basically had no choice and he liked it that way. When he died almost four years ago, my family struggled to create a new tradition.

The first year we went to his sister’s house. He had died in June. We were still getting used to the idea that he was gone forever. But we were together. The Ravens beat the 49ers. I made my first scratch apple pie and it was a miserable failure. my apples got all wilted. I still don’t understand what went wrong. But we got a laugh out of it.

The next year my aunt went to celebrate with her daughter’s family. We– my step-mom, my brother, his wife, and their 3 sons– decided a new, non-traditional tradition should be established. They decided on a Thanksgiving day crab cake feast. I loved the idea.

I have been a vegetarian for what seems like forever. Off and on through my teens, and permanently as soon as I left home at 21. Up until I went vegan a year ago, I would make exceptions for seafood now and then. (I view crabs as sea bugs, and I’m not convinced that they can feel pain or fear based on our current understanding of them.) I was very happy to sit with my family while they enjoyed a crab feast rather than the usual turkey, but I was happy to sit with them while they enjoyed turkey and ham before that. With the crab, I felt more included. it was nice.

We happily carried on this new Thanksgiving day tradition for two years, and last year we were joined by my step-brother and half-brother from my Dad’s second marriage. It’s too rare that all of us kids are under one roof. It was a special day for everyone, I think.

But all good things must end. This year my brother’s family were invited to a special gourmet Thanksgiving at their closest friend’s house. We moved our family Thanksgiving to the Sunday prior. I’ll admit, I had very mixed feelings about this. In part because I think of this day as Dad’s Day. Secondly, more selfishly, because that leaves me alone on Dad’s Day.

I did receive invitations to other friend’s Thanksgiving dinners. This is where my personal food choices enter into the situation. Because I am vegan, these things are typically awkward. The dishes I bring and the food on my plate will always raise innocent, yet uncomfortable questions at best, or outright ridicule at worst. When I get the questions, I usually explain that I can’t answer without ruining dinner for everyone. So awkward. The ridicule is harder to navigate. People can sometimes see my personal food choices as a judgement on theirs and become defensive about it. But I ate dairy products until only 15 short months ago, aware all along that the dairy industry is pretty much the cruelest of them all. I was able to do exactly what these turkey-and-ham-revelers are doing. I could compartmentalize what I knew about the industry so that it wouldn’t interfere with what I wanted. Namely cheese. I feel guilt and shame to think about it now. How willfully ignorant I was. But how could I judge anyone for doing the same thing I had been doing until only recently?

Perhaps more than that, the problem is that my food choices can dominate the conversation. My own family are used to it. But Thanksgiving is about family. The last thing I want to do is to draw focus away from that at a friend’s family table.

So today I choose to enjoy Thanksgiving by myself. I will go see friends once dinner is done, but for now, I’m so happy to sit here with my dog, watch football, work on some projects, think about my Dad, and stuff myself with possibly the best Thanksgiving feast I’ve ever had. If this is my new tradition, I’m fine with that!

By the way, this is the Gardein Holiday Roast, and it’s by far the best vegan roast on the market. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all.


skill challenge

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a dabbler. I’d rather know a little about a lot of things than be expert in only a few. I’d rather kinda-sorta know what I’m doing than have some mastery of any one skill. Consequently, I can kinda draw. I can sorta bake. Results vary usually along the spectrum of terrible to mediocre, but sometimes I produce something really special and I think those moments wouldn’t come if I were trained.

I think I’ve recently hit on something that I really enjoy and could definitely see myself sticking with for a while. I loved ceramics in high school but that was my last experience with it. I was looking for inexpensive clay firing methods and coming up empty. Then I found it. Polymer clay sculpture. Sculpey. I’ve known about it for ages of course but never realized how wide-spread its use is. Makes sense – It’s inexpensive, it’s easy to work, and I don’t run the risk of trapping an air bubble and blowing it all to pieces in my ordinary 275°F oven.

part of what made me write it off initially was the colors. When I thought of Sculpey before, it was something that you created in pieces, choosing different colored clays and assembling them like a burger. In fact that’s what a lot of people make with it. What I didn’t realize is that you can paint it. It takes acrylic paint really well, and the final can be glazed if you want it to have that pottery feel.

This is my second project and I’m really happy with it so far.

Displaying IMG_1397.JPG

I started by building an armature with tin foil. This is probably essential when making limbs and tails that come away from the body. It also saves on clay. As you can see from the image, most of the base is a foil ball which is approximately 2″ in diameter. That’s a lot of clay saved.

Displaying IMG_1400.JPG

Next I rolled out a large ball of clay, cut in into strips, an wrapped the armature like a mummy. It’s really that easy.

Displaying IMG_1401.JPG

I didn’t know what I was making other than some kind of surreal animal. For the face, I used Super Sculpey, which is just a better version of the regular stuff. It’s easier to mold and smooth out, so I used it on the only element that would have any real detail.

Displaying IMG_1408.JPG

It ended up being a very odd looking cat. Now all I have to do is paint it. I will update once the painting is done. Good or bad, I’m keeping this one.

Here she is, right out of the oven. Poor thing. I think I’m going to make her a hairball accessory.

Displaying IMG_1424.JPG



I am not feeling well. it’s my insomnia. It’s always around, preventing me from being a functional human being by day and making me plain miserable at night. It sometimes comes in bouts that are worse than other times. This is one of those bouts. My eyes hurt. My brain is operating at 1%. I want to take a shower, but I’m not sure I can do all that standing.

So I’m going to allow myself to spend the day window shopping on Etsy. The greatest thing about it? It’s not strictly a waste of time. Imagine that!

Let me explain. This morning, bleary-eyed and cloudy-minded, I curated my first Treasury list. And oh boy, was it fun. By publishing these treasuries, I can also drive traffic to my shop and find new admirers by attracting people with similar taste. I’m working, dammit!

So why am I here, mindlessly blogging on about Treasuries? I’m off make another one.

I’ve also somehow managed to list one new item today. I think in my tired state I may have seriously under-priced it. Get it, before I come to my senses.

Hermes Rocket 1950’s Portable Typewriter. Click the image to shop.


I wanted to follow up on my last post with a look at the finished product and some final thoughts on this little project.

skull rough copyOverall, I like it. I can still say that, and for me, that’s something. Actual progress.

Here’s the thing. It’s not what I had in my mind. I have excuses. They are as follows: my block was the size of a postcard. Too small for the detail I wanted. Too small to have the flowers popping out of the head all wild and crazy, as was my original concept. When I look at it, my eye can’t help wanting to see it as I originally planned. It looks wrong. Also, the print transfer was never quite right. This was the best of probably 50 attempts. I just don’t have the tools. I will need to invest a little if I want to continue doing woodcuts. And I realize as I write that I really do.

Whatever it is, I’m trying hard to hold onto that feeling I had when I wrote my last entry. This is what I made. Like it or not. I did my thing as best I could and I can’t control how others respond to it. I will keep in mind the things I would do differently and move on to the next thing. Most importantly, there will be a next thing. The act of creating art makes me happy. Now I need to learn how to be happy with the result.

Here’s the full flyer for the event. Again, if you’re near Baltimore and interested in meeting other creative types and learning about the creative process from some of this city’s best talent, be there.

the working artist 2-2Click the image to go to the facebook event page.



if i knew what i was doing…

…perhaps this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

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I bled for this. It should have worked better.

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Lauren Anderson, creativity coach, soon to be therapist, and my best friend for life (no lie – 33 years and counting, assuming we got along well as newborns) commissioned a piece of art from me to support her wonderful, inspirational interview series, The Working Artist, a monthly event happening at the Windup Space in Baltimore, MD. (Local? Catch the next event during Artscape on Saturday, July 19th. Doors at 4p. Go for inspiration, motivation, networking, and generally getting in touch with some of the amazing happenings in this town that is overflowing with creative culture. Watch Lauren’s blog for further details.)

It is because I attended her first event that I found the nerve to accept this commission. I have some artistic skill, but I almost never use it. I’m afraid of criticism. I’m not trained. I think everyone is better than me. Why try? That’s how I felt about it before I went to the event. That has changed. I know now that I can’t let my fears stop me from doing something that I love. Even if it’s just for myself. I have to accept the fact that I won’t be the best. There’s no such thing. I can’t make something that will be universally loved.  Some people will get it and lots of people just won’t. They’ll hate it. They’ll art-snob all over my technique. Admittedly, I have none. But when I listened to Lauren interviewing people whose art form is their true passion, I had an epiphany. It boils down to “Fuck all that, I’ll do what I want”.

So, this is my 2nd woodcut ever and it didn’t quite work out on the first try. Also, I stabbed myself twice. The second one felt like it hit bone in my thumb. Really, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Gloves, you idiot! In spite of all that, I’m not ashamed to say I like it, I’m proud of it, I bled for it, and I’m not giving up on it.


Rik Mayall

I named Funk 2 Funky referencing Bowie lyrics, but there’s another reference that pops into my head just as often as the song itself. I hope it will always be there, in my head, every time I think or say the name.


i’m yard saling!

Last Saturday I had only about 40 minutes to go saling, and I was not having much luck. No finds of note. I chose one last stop at random. It was a pretty bare sale. Mostly cheap plastic toys for infants and toddlers, some baby clothes, and an overpriced collection of DVDs. Sorry man, no one is going to pay $4 for a copy of Zoolander. I was turning to leave. And that’s when I spotted her.


How fucked up is that diet book!?

I think she’s a #3 Ponytail Barbie. I’m still researching. I’ll have an update when she’s listed! She came with an original Ponytail Barbie case full of original clothing and accessories. I will most likely sell all in one lot. Stay tuned, and feel free to contact me directly with questions about this or any other items! Post in the comments or write to


good day for a dig

If you happen to live in the Northeastern US you’ll know exactly how I feel about winter right now. I used to love the snow. A part of me still does. But a larger part just wants it to stay out of my way for good. I’ve never felt happier to see and feel the signs of spring then I do after the winter we’ve just had, so it was particularly nice to go out prowling with a friend on this tepid and sunny day.

I started out solo, hitting one of my favorite spots, Value Village in Brooklyn Park, MD. To my shock and horror I walked in to see that they have recently rearranged the entire store. This is probably meant to be considered an improvement. I’m a creature of habit. I hate it. The prices seemed higher and the shelves seemed stocked with a lot of newer looking items, not crammed with tons of pre-90’s treasure as I’ve come to expect. It was just too organized. They even had the shoes arranged by size! When do you ever see that in a thrift store? My tiny mind couldn’t take it. I didn’t even feel that dirty when I left. I should have had a gray film on my hands. I mean, I could feel a film, but I couldn’t see it. I wasn’t even sneezing. I can only hope that it will quickly devolve into the disorganized and filthy pit it once was.

Luckily my next stop was Golden West Cafe in Hampden. Vegan French Toast. If the sugar couldn’t snap me out of my bizarre reverse OCD fit, nothing would. Then it was over to Second Chance, Inc., which had all the clutter I could ever want to see in a lifetime. I have admired this store and what they do for ages, but I’ve never actually had a chance to visit it in person. Their thing is to provide workforce training and assisted job placement to program graduates, all while providing a necessary service by reclaiming valuable and sometimes even historically important treasures from houses undergoing renovation or, probably more often, demolition. It’s a great feeling as a customer to know that not only are  you getting a good deal on unique items that were saved from the junk heap, but also helping this program to train people and create jobs. It’s a self sustaining circle of goodness and I’m thoroughly in awe of the whole deal.

Below are too many pictures of our little adventure. Click for a better look. Thanks to my bestest Lauren for coming along! Check out her blog –