I am not feeling well. it’s my insomnia. It’s always around, preventing me from being a functional human being by day and making me plain miserable at night. It sometimes comes in bouts that are worse than other times. This is one of those bouts. My eyes hurt. My brain is operating at 1%. I want to take a shower, but I’m not sure I can do all that standing.

So I’m going to allow myself to spend the day window shopping on Etsy. The greatest thing about it? It’s not strictly a waste of time. Imagine that!

Let me explain. This morning, bleary-eyed and cloudy-minded, I curated my first Treasury list. And oh boy, was it fun. By publishing these treasuries, I can also drive traffic to my shop and find new admirers by attracting people with similar taste. I’m working, dammit!

So why am I here, mindlessly blogging on about Treasuries? I’m off make another one.

I’ve also somehow managed to list one new item today. I think in my tired state I may have seriously under-priced it. Get it, before I come to my senses.

Hermes Rocket 1950’s Portable Typewriter. Click the image to shop.


i’m yard saling!

Last Saturday I had only about 40 minutes to go saling, and I was not having much luck. No finds of note. I chose one last stop at random. It was a pretty bare sale. Mostly cheap plastic toys for infants and toddlers, some baby clothes, and an overpriced collection of DVDs. Sorry man, no one is going to pay $4 for a copy of Zoolander. I was turning to leave. And that’s when I spotted her.


How fucked up is that diet book!?

I think she’s a #3 Ponytail Barbie. I’m still researching. I’ll have an update when she’s listed! She came with an original Ponytail Barbie case full of original clothing and accessories. I will most likely sell all in one lot. Stay tuned, and feel free to contact me directly with questions about this or any other items! Post in the comments or write to


new things

I’ve made some additions, check them out! Click on the picture to go directly to the item listing.


Gorgeous Blue Crystalline Pottery – $50


Rare Vintage Casio Men’s Calculator Watch CA-501, model 437 – $200


Owl Pottery, Folk Art Figure, Hand Painted, Vintage, Signed Ken Edwards from Tonalá, Mexico – $22

I’m also trying out some new ways to make fast artwork. This is my first woodcut. It’s just a practice done on cheap, unsuitable wood with tools made for laminate carving, so it’s crazy sloppy, but I’m still pretty pleased with how well it came out. Not bad for a first try, right?

Wembley - crappy woodcut print and colored pencil.



My first item! It’s such a slow process getting started.

$50Vintage 60’s or 70’s Handmade Stoneware Pottery – Large Cookie Jar -$45 – Available on Etsy.

This large, heavy stoneware jar has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The handmade quality is remarkable. The detail in the pattern is so unusual, and it gives the piece a depth and visual texture. So unique in size and design. Like all of my finds, it’s so hard letting go.