Pet Care

It’s always been my passion to make the lives of animals as enjoyable as they can be. I believe in the importance of midday walks, though in my experience as a pet owner, these services have often been far outside of my price range. This is why my service charges are based on your pets needs, your ability to pay, and your proximity to my location in the Crofton area.

I want to reach as many pets as I can and enrich their lives with my undivided attention during each visit. I will meet their energy level, from rambunctious puppy to sleepy senior. I love them all, but I personally know how important it is to have your older pets treated with gentle care and kindness, and I’d especially like to encourage you to contact me if you’re in search of care for you senior and/or geriatric friends. My own dog is between 16-18 years old. I know all too well the special handling and attention our older friends require.

I have been a joint pet care and childcare provider for more than 3 years, and I’m currently transitioning out of childcare and focusing solely on pets. I’m energetic and trustworthy, and the needs and safety of your pet will always be my first priority. I will also offer discounts for service packages and for any referrals which lead to new clients.


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