I wanted to follow up on my last post with a look at the finished product and some final thoughts on this little project.

skull rough copyOverall, I like it. I can still say that, and for me, that’s something. Actual progress.

Here’s the thing. It’s not what I had in my mind. I have excuses. They are as follows: my block was the size of a postcard. Too small for the detail I wanted. Too small to have the flowers popping out of the head all wild and crazy, as was my original concept. When I look at it, my eye can’t help wanting to see it as I originally planned. It looks wrong. Also, the print transfer was never quite right. This was the best of probably 50 attempts. I just don’t have the tools. I will need to invest a little if I want to continue doing woodcuts. And I realize as I write that I really do.

Whatever it is, I’m trying hard to hold onto that feeling I had when I wrote my last entry. This is what I made. Like it or not. I did my thing as best I could and I can’t control how others respond to it. I will keep in mind the things I would do differently and move on to the next thing. Most importantly, there will be a next thing. The act of creating art makes me happy. Now I need to learn how to be happy with the result.

Here’s the full flyer for the event. Again, if you’re near Baltimore and interested in meeting other creative types and learning about the creative process from some of this city’s best talent, be there.

the working artist 2-2Click the image to go to the facebook event page.