good day for a dig

If you happen to live in the Northeastern US you’ll know exactly how I feel about winter right now. I used to love the snow. A part of me still does. But a larger part just wants it to stay out of my way for good. I’ve never felt happier to see and feel the signs of spring then I do after the winter we’ve just had, so it was particularly nice to go out prowling with a friend on this tepid and sunny day.

I started out solo, hitting one of my favorite spots, Value Village in Brooklyn Park, MD. To my shock and horror I walked in to see that they have recently rearranged the entire store. This is probably meant to be considered an improvement. I’m a creature of habit. I hate it. The prices seemed higher and the shelves seemed stocked with a lot of newer looking items, not crammed with tons of pre-90’s treasure as I’ve come to expect. It was just too organized. They even had the shoes arranged by size! When do you ever see that in a thrift store? My tiny mind couldn’t take it. I didn’t even feel that dirty when I left. I should have had a gray film on my hands. I mean, I could feel a film, but I couldn’t see it. I wasn’t even sneezing. I can only hope that it will quickly devolve into the disorganized and filthy pit it once was.

Luckily my next stop was Golden West Cafe in Hampden. Vegan French Toast. If the sugar couldn’t snap me out of my bizarre reverse OCD fit, nothing would. Then it was over to Second Chance, Inc., which had all the clutter I could ever want to see in a lifetime. I have admired this store and what they do for ages, but I’ve never actually had a chance to visit it in person. Their thing is to provide workforce training and assisted job placement to program graduates, all while providing a necessary service by reclaiming valuable and sometimes even historically important treasures from houses undergoing renovation or, probably more often, demolition. It’s a great feeling as a customer to know that not only are  you getting a good deal on unique items that were saved from the junk heap, but also helping this program to train people and create jobs. It’s a self sustaining circle of goodness and I’m thoroughly in awe of the whole deal.

Below are too many pictures of our little adventure. Click for a better look. Thanks to my bestest Lauren for coming along! Check out her blog –